Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This is a commission piece in which I recently completed in April 2011. The design are of red poppies embroidered onto a Church Curate's Stole. The opportunity was given to me so unexpectedly and yet I felt truly blessed and honored to have been approached to comission a free-hand embroidery piece that expressed my love and passion for embroidery. The poppies have been embroidered using various techniques such as; satin stitch, bullion stitch, french knots stitch, back stitch, and button hole stitching. Incorporated with the mixed embroidery techniques are that of beading embellishments. My inspiration was to make the poppies as vibrant and 3-D as possible so that it would stand out against the black background. Black Stoles are worn by Church Curates when visiting those in ill health and in leading a memorial service.