Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jewellery Making!

I recently took some time out to learn how to get a head start at jewellery making so I booked myself a few classes at 'Monty's Bead' shop. Jewellery making is something I've always been drawn to, but never new what types of materials I needed to get strarted so when I came across these lessons I had to sign myself up for them because it was a good offer to good to resist. For starters it only costs £25 for the lesson and secoundly all the materials were provided along with all the beads. Here in the picture are two bracelets and 2 necklaces I made them within 2 hours of my lesson. The intention of booking these classes was to get an understanding of how to put fastenings, crimps and in finding out what types of beading wires, and threads or sterling silver materials were needed to get started on making jewellery etc...I also booked the lesson because I wanted to learn a few things so that I could somehow incorporate it into my work for designing jewellery/neck pieces to go with my garments for my final major project. Having done the lessons I feel that it's been a really good extra little thing to learn because I know that it's something I can do later on in the future. The second bead class I went to was in learning how to wire wrap.....but I haven't got a picture to show yet......but since having had these two lessons I have since made myself 3 bracelets and one necklace. I can't wait to have a bit more time to get more creative in designing my own jewellery pieces!

FMP Wall Space

These are images of different things in which I have stuck on my wall space at uni to take inspiration from and in formulating own ideas for my collection.

Final Major Project

Phew....I guess I better start blogging again considering I haven't been on here for almost 2 months due to so much work, chaos + stress.

Where to start......well first off I started my Final Major Project about 3 weeks ago and I only have about 3 and a half more months left before all this madness is over. For my FMP I have decided to specialise in ''occassion wear'' in which I will be taking inspiration from Haute Couture embroidery, 1920's, 1930's and Art Deco. The coulours I will be using will be of white and different shades of gold/bronze and in experimenting with beading embellishment, dying of fabrics and fabric manipulation. My collection will consist of 4-5 items, 2 dresses one short the other long, a cape, a pair of cuffs and if I have time a neck piece/jewellery piece. My collection is going to be called 'In Its Imperfect Setting' the idea is to convey the beauty of the dress in it's richness of detail with luxe fabrics and embroidery and it's imperfection will come from either areas of worned looking manipulated parts of the dress and that of the wearer. I would like to convey that the wearer could be wearing the most beautiful garment in the world but what is hidden within herself is another deeper secret in which the public can not see.
I am looking forawrd to getting started on the actual making of my first garment, which I hope to do so either by tomorrow or Thursday. I am so nervous about the time limit and preassure to get this first garment made in which we are expected to have completed in 3 weeks. We have to have it done for the end of the year graduate brochures and the photoshoot for this will take place around the 1st and 2nd of April. Oh My Word......Craziness!!