Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another glimpse of My Own work.

This is another one of my dress fronts made for ''Indigo Paris'' project. It is completely hand made using techniques such as beading embellishment, crochet, cut-away lace making and needle lace making on 100% silk/cotton fabric. Beautiful hand embroidery and hand techniques of the late 1800's-1900's  inspired me to create and design this piece of work.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A glimpse into my own passion and personal work.

 This is a jewellery piece in which I designed/made last year for  ''Indigo Paris.'' I had to take inspiration from a trip to Hampton Court and as part of my brief for Indigo Paris design and produce 6 fianl dress fronts. One particular image which struck out the most for me was a large wall hanging of an adorned elephant wearing a stunning jewelled neck piece. The neck piece worned by the elephant was so unusual as well as the shape and details applied. It eventually inspired me to make and design this necklace using techniques such as crochet and beading embellishing. My aim was to make the necklace 3-D, vintage inspired as well as in making the necklace the main feature for the garment front. 

''Work in progress, the search for solutions, juggling with different hypotheses: a collection is about experiencing desires and insights-and sometimes about the impossibility of achieveing them; there are times when you go down a particular track or try out an idea, which then has to be abandoned.'' Quote by Christian Lacroix
Recently I have been reading and researching Haute Couture designers for my dissertation in which I have to start thinking through for my final year come this September and Christian Lacroix is someone in whom I find fascinating. I like the designer for his creativity and use of textured textiles and embellishments in his collections, there is a lot of attention to the finest of details and the coulours in which he uses for his garments are rich and sometimes clashing but this is what I find exciting about his work. Christian Lacroix has a huge passion for couture and in every detail of his work you can feel and sense the passion and sincerity in which he applies into his garments/collections. He is not a man to take the easy route to get things made, the designer himself loves to spend hours perfecting everything and this is something I can realate to a lot. I love being creative and free in what I make and design and I have a strong desire and passion to always make/craft/sculpt/sew/stitch things as perfectly and as beautifully as I can possible. I find that in today's world clothing and fashion has been quite cheapened and people do not value the quality and beauty of hand crafted clothing like they used to and I find this very saddening. The majority of my work depends on hours spent either beading, embroidering, designing, making/sewing garments or accessorize pieces together by hand because I love this form of craftsmanship/beauty.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weeks are going by too fast!

All of this week I have been spending time catching up with friends in whom I have not seen for months and some even a year. Its quite ironic how time is flying by so quickly!
Since finishing uni about two weeks ago for the summer holidays I have been enjoying my time resting. And boy has it been wonderful to not think about fashion or textiles for a while!
Instead I have been woken up every morning at around 6 A.M making, cutting and designing little animals or Repunzal for my little girl to stick together.....this has been a new thing in which she loves doing at present moment. It is quite challenging keeping up with such an active 3 year old!
That's all from me for now~

Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Challenge-Creating a Blog!

I am not a computer geek or lover of social networking, but I have finally decided to take on board the challenge of blogging. I am pleased to say that I have spent an hour trying to figure out how to set up my own blog and the fact that I managed to get it set up has been an accomplishment in itself!! The test now is to see how good I get at this...should be interesting so watch this space!