Monday, 23 April 2012

3rd FMP

My 3rd piece of work in which I have interpreted into a somewhat contemporary design combining 17th century jewellery with that of Asian bridal jewellery. The theme was to take ideas from the intricate shape the jewellery pices gave and in experimenting with the idea of truning it into embroidery and beading embellishing to create a raised 3-D effect for a jewllery/neck piece.

This is half of the design worked in embroidery and beading embellishment worked on gold tulle/netting. Another challenge I set for myself was to do embroidery work on netting and I am really surprised at how well it has worked.

2nd FMP Piece

The cape was another piece in which I made. Here the cape is only just pinned together because I was experimenting with layers and in seeing how many of the ruched/gathered layers of silk organza I needed to make the cape look a bit dramatic. I was also experimenting with the idea of adding the feather trim at the ends, at first when I pinned it together I really didn't like it but after a while I decided to keep it because it gave a softer look to the cape opposed to the layers of the silk organza. With the feather trim are to be strands of beads in a mixture of gold to help pick out the tea dye vintage look of the feathers and silk organza.

1st FMP Garment

 This is a page taken from my sketchbook of the development work in designing my first garment. The theme is inspired by the decorative 1920's era and that of Haute Couture. The design of this sample is inspired by jewellery pieces from the 17th century in which I have interpreted into embroidery and beading embellishment. I also experimented with tea dying silk organza, as well as in distressing the fabric to make ruffles, along with tea dying ostrich feathers to give it a vintage feel to my garment.
This is a close up of the embroidery design for the 1920's dress.
Close up image of the dress with all the embroidery, beading embellishment, dyed feather trim and dyed ruched silk organza. The whole embellishment is stitched onto an off white silk organza and the underneath slip dress is of silk satin in a minx colour. I wanted the dress to be embellished onto sheer fabric because I wanted to be challenged in seeing how well I could stitch onto such a delicate fabric.