Thursday, 23 June 2011

''Work in progress, the search for solutions, juggling with different hypotheses: a collection is about experiencing desires and insights-and sometimes about the impossibility of achieveing them; there are times when you go down a particular track or try out an idea, which then has to be abandoned.'' Quote by Christian Lacroix
Recently I have been reading and researching Haute Couture designers for my dissertation in which I have to start thinking through for my final year come this September and Christian Lacroix is someone in whom I find fascinating. I like the designer for his creativity and use of textured textiles and embellishments in his collections, there is a lot of attention to the finest of details and the coulours in which he uses for his garments are rich and sometimes clashing but this is what I find exciting about his work. Christian Lacroix has a huge passion for couture and in every detail of his work you can feel and sense the passion and sincerity in which he applies into his garments/collections. He is not a man to take the easy route to get things made, the designer himself loves to spend hours perfecting everything and this is something I can realate to a lot. I love being creative and free in what I make and design and I have a strong desire and passion to always make/craft/sculpt/sew/stitch things as perfectly and as beautifully as I can possible. I find that in today's world clothing and fashion has been quite cheapened and people do not value the quality and beauty of hand crafted clothing like they used to and I find this very saddening. The majority of my work depends on hours spent either beading, embroidering, designing, making/sewing garments or accessorize pieces together by hand because I love this form of craftsmanship/beauty.

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