Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First Fabric Sample!

New projects, new page in a sketchbook always brings an element of overwhelment and for some it brings frustration as to what to put on the first page of a brand new sketchbook. I have to admit starting a new page is a bit scary! For me I either don't have enough inspiration to make my first mark or I am overwhelmed with inspiration and excitement but go completely blank because I am over thinking things and am to scared to make a mistake.
This year's project we are to take inspiration from our summer holidays and in portraying it through our sketchbook and for final fabric sample pieces for Indigo, Paris.
My inspiration so far derives from the beauty of nature such as flowers and anything with interesting, intricate details. With nature as my main inspiration I will also be exploring the use of textile embellishments and embroidery and in combining the two elements together to see how far I can push myself to create beautiful textile sufaces/pieces.
The image here is my first piece worked in white. It is a floral shape using a crochet/crouching technique appliqued to silk chiffon with hand embroidery techniques. I did not know how to start my sketchbook so I decided to work in white and explore crochet and lace-making in 3-D inspired by Victorian lace, embellishment and embroidery.

1 comment:

  1. It's very pretty Sarah...and a lovely shape.
    That first sketchbook page is a nightmare....I was talking to someone the other day who now leaves that first page blank for a while and starts the book on the next two pages....so it seems to affect a lot of people that way.
    Hugs xx