Tuesday, 20 December 2011

''My Dress Design/Toile''

This is my dress toile, a mock-up made in calico before the actual dress is cut and made in a more luxurious fabric. As part of my brief for Indigo I had to design a capsule collection consisting of 12 outfits and out of the 12 designs I had to choose one garment in which I felt would challenge me to make up and this is the dress I picked. The toile so far is still not completed yet, there is a lot of hand-stitching in areas in which I will have have to alter to make it sit in position better. The dress has a centre button stand placket to get in and out of dress and it has sheer fabric around waist area at front and back and around the neckline. The dress is suppose to have short sleeves which i haven't had the chance to make up yet, either this will get completed or not I am not sure. In the next few days I will have to start stitching the lining to the dress to make it look professionally made. The only element of this dress I have found diffcult is in smoothing out the curves/shape of the skirt to make it work well with the bodice. Perhaps for the skirt I could think about flared panels, or inverted pleats to make it fit well with the shaped waistline because I am not very happy with how wonky the button-hole placket sits over the skirt.

                                                   Close up Back view of Dress

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