Monday, 5 December 2011

My ''Pink'' dress!

This is my pink dress in which I designed and made in the last 3 evenings during the week. Recently I have not been very focused on my work within my studio/sketchbook, and wanted to break away from it and set my mind on other things. I had also planed a much needed ''girl's'' night out and while looking around in the high street shops I couldn't find anything remotely attractive in which I wanted to pay £40-£50 for. Most of the dresses looked cheap, and the colours were so dull and boring so I set myself a chllenge in making myself a simple dress but in a luxurious fabric and vibrant colour to wear. I am quite pleased with how the dress has turned out, and it's made me excited to want to make more dresses in goregous fabrics. However, this will have to be post-poned for a while now and I will have to get back into making more samples for Indigo.    

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