Thursday, 29 September 2011

First Day Back!

Oh my word!! Back into the grind of torture, sleepless nights and loads of stress! Final Year.....I can do this!
Strange kind of day being back, the vibe is weird and yet there is a lot of overwhelmed excitement within the final year fashion students. So much work to take on board, oodles of research that needs to be made and in thinking about things to be inspired by and what to design next for Indigo and final year capsule collection.
So far this evening I have spent several hours researching into fashion designers in the UK but soon got really bored of it all. Nothing that I saw was really that beautiful or stunning. I feel at the moment there doesn't seem to be beauty in fashion or design of clothing.....and I am not quite sure why. One of the biggest offsets I feel about fashion at the moment is that it's too fast pace and everything these days is about making money and not enough attention is given to appreciating the quality of couture and tailoring and making of clothing for women who want to find clothing that fits them well, versatile, comfortable and feels luxurious in which they can wear and feel like a goddess in it.
To make me feel a bit more upbeat I have been busy this summer and this evening researching into fashion designers in Montreal and Toronto Canada. I have noticed that within these two cities there are a lot of designers that have launched their own fashion labels who are passionate about the quality of making their own collection and I think this is fantastic because it gives them a chance to breathe and not be under preassure from the media all the time. And because I have been bought up in Quebec, Canada 2 hours from the heart of the city of Montreal and 4 hours from Toronto, of late I have felt a really strong urge to be back in my home country and in re-thinking the market and the values of being an idependant designer. Having my own boutique has also been an ambition and dream and the thought of doing so in Canada sounds so amazing to me right now because I have noticed that fashion isn't so fast pace, and more value for independant designer labels are given more credit and attention. So who knows......anything can happen.....but for sure if this is my pathway then I am going to have to get working extra hard and in thinking and planning loads!

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